HAC-ML LoRa Low Power Consumption wireless AMR system

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HAC-ML LoRa Low Power Consumption wireless AMR system (hereafter called HAC-ML system) combines data collection, metering, two-way communication, meter reading and valve control as one system. The features of HAC-ML are shown as follow: Long Range Transmission, Low Power Consumption, Small Size, High Reliability, Easy Expansion, Simple Maintenance and High Successful rate for meter reading.

HAC-ML system includes three necessary parts, i.e. Wireless collecting module HAC-ML, Concentrator HAC-GW-L and Server iHAC-ML WEB. Users also can select the Handheld terminal or Repeater according to their project requirements.

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Features of HAC-ML Module

1. Bubble report data once automatically every 24 hours

2. Offers automatic switching for multi-channel and multi-speed, more effectively to avoid possible frequency interference

3. Using TDMA communication mode, able to synchronize the communication time unit automatically and avoid data collision completely.

4. Using frequency hopping technology to avoid Co-channel interference.

HAC-ML LoRa Low Power Consumption wireless AMR system (1)

Three working modes

LOP1 (real-time wakeup remotely, response time: 12s, ER18505 battery life time: 8 years) LOP2 (max response time for close valve: 24 hours, response time for open valve: 12s, ER18505 battery life time: 10 years)

LOP3 (max response time for open/close valve: 24 hours, ER18505 battery life time: 12 years)

Combines data collection, metering, valve control, wireless communication, soft clock, ultra-low power consumption, power supply management, anti-magnetic attack functions etc in one module.

Support Single and Double reed switch pulse metering, Direct-reading mode can be customized. The metering mode should be set ex-factory.

Power management: check the transmitting status or valve control voltage and report

Anti-magnetic attack: when there is a magnetic attack, it will generate an alarm sign.

Power-down storage: when module powers off, it will save the data, no need to initial the metering value again.

Valve control: send command to control the valve through Concentrator or other devices.

Read frozen data: send command to read the year frozen data and month frozen data through Concentrator or other devices

Dredge valve function, it can be set by upper machine software

Wireless Parameter Setting closely/remotely

Using magnetic trigger to report data or the meter reports the data like bubble automatically.

Standard option: Spring antenna, users also could customize other kinds of antenna according to your requirements.

Optional accessory: Fara Capacitor (or users offer and weld it by themselves).

Optional accessory: 3.6Ah ER18505 (capacity type) battery, water-proof connector can be customized.

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