LoRaWAN Wireless meter reading module

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HAC-MLW module is a new generation wireless communication product that conforms to the standard LoRaWAN1.0.2 protocol for meter reading projects. The module integrates data acquisition and wireless data transmission functions, with the following features like ultra-low power consumption, low latency, anti-interference, high reliability, simple OTAA access operation, high security with multiple data encryption, easy installation, small size and long transmission distance etc.

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Module Features

1.  Comply with the international general standard LoRaWAN protocol.

● Using OTAA active network access, the module joins the network automatically.

● Unique 2 sets of secret keys are generated in the network for communication encryption, the data security is high.

● Enable ADR function to realize automatic switching of frequency and rate, to avoid interference and improve the quality of single communication.

● Realize automatic switching of multi-channel and multi-rate, effectively improve the system capacity.

LoRaWAN Wireless meter reading module  (3)

2. Report data once automatically every 24 hours

3. The patented technology of TDMA is used to synchronize the communication time unit automatically to avoid data collision.

4. Integrates the functions of data acquisition, metering, valve control, wireless communication, soft clock, ultra-low power consumption, power management and magnetic attack alarm.

LoRaWAN Wireless meter reading module  (1)

● Support single pulse metering and dual pulse metering (reed switch, hall sensor and non-magnetic etc), direct-reading (optional), metering mode set in the factory

●  Power management: Detect the voltage for transmitting or valve control in real-time and report

●  Magnetic attack detection: Generate alarm sign when malicious magnetic attack is detected.

●  Power-down storage: No need to re-initialize the metering value after power-off

●  Valve control: Control the valve through cloud platform by sending command

●  Read frozen data: Read the annual frozen data and monthly frozen data through the cloud platform by sending command

●  Support valve dredging function, it is configured by the upper machine software.

●  Support close valve when power-off

●  Support wireless nearby parameter setting and remote parameter settings.

5. Support magnetic trigger meter to manually report data or meter automatically reports data.

6. Standard antenna: spring antenna, other antenna types can be customized.

7. Farad capacitor is optional.

8. Optional 3.6Ah capacity ER18505 Lithium battery, customized waterproof connector.

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