NB-IoT wireless meter reading module

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HAC-NBh is used for wireless data acquisition, metering and transmission of water meters, gas meters and heat meters. Suitable for reed switch, Hall sensor, non magnetic, photoelectric and other base meter. It has the characteristics of long communication distance, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability and stable data transmission.

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HAC-NBh meter reading system is the overall solution of low power intelligent remote meter reading application developed by Shenzhen HAC Telecom Technology Co., LTD  based on NB-IoT technology of Internet of Things.  The scheme consists of a meter reading management platform, RHU, and terminal communication module, with functions covering collection and measurement, bidirectional NB communication, meter reading control valve, and terminal maintenance, etc., to fully meet the requirements of water supply companies, gas companies and power grid companies for wireless meter reading applications.

Main Features

 Ultra-low power consumption: capacity ER26500+SPC1520 battery pack can reach 10 years of life;  

· Easy access: there is no need to rebuild the network, and it can be directly used for business with the help of the operator's existing network;  

· Super capacity: storage of annual frozen data of 10 years, monthly frozen data of 12 months and daily frozen data of 180 days;  

· Two-way communication: in addition to remote reading, remote setting and query of parameters, valve control, etc.; 

NB-IoT wireless meter reading module (1)

Extensible application areas

● Wireless automated data acquisition  

● Home and building automation  

● Monitoring and control functions in the scenario of industrial Internet of Things  

● Wireless alarm and security system  

● Iot of sensors (including smoke, air, water, etc.)  

● Smart home (such as smart door locks, smart appliances, etc.)  

● Intelligent transportation (such as intelligent parking, automatic charging pile, etc.)  

● Smart city (such as intelligent street lamps, logistics monitoring, cold chain monitoring, etc.)  

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