• LoRaWAN outdoor Gateway

    LoRaWAN outdoor Gateway

    WW-XU is designed to be a fully compliant LoRaWAN gateway, with WiFi and ethernet as the backhaul 4G Optional. It includes one or two LoRa concentrator, which provides up to 16 programmable parallel demodulation paths. This gateway is perfectly designed for indoor public network extension or for ad-hoc indoor private coverage, like manufacturing, logistics or industrial sites requiring continuous connectivity for their IoT applications

  • IP67-grade industry outdoor LoRaWAN gateway

    IP67-grade industry outdoor LoRaWAN gateway

    HAC-GWW1 is an ideal product for IoT commercial deployment. With its industrial-grade components, it achieves a high standard of reliability.

    Supports up to 16 LoRa channels, multi backhaul with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular connectivity. Optionally there is a dedicated port for different power options, solar panels, and batteries. With its new enclosure design, it allows the LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS antennas to be inside the enclosure.

    The gateway provides for a solid out-of-the-box experience for quick deployment. Additionally, since its software and UI sits on top of OpenWRT it is perfect for the development of custom applications (via the open SDK).

    Thus, HAC-GWW1 is suited for any use case scenario, be it rapid deployment or customization with regards to UI and functionality.