• LoRaWAN Non-magnetic Inductive Metering Module

    LoRaWAN Non-magnetic Inductive Metering Module

    HAC-MLWA non-magnetic inductive metering module is a low-power module that integrates non-magnetic measurement, acquisition, communication and data transmission. The module can monitor abnormal states such as magnetic interference and battery undervoltage, and report it to the management platform immediately. App updates are supported. It complies with LORAWAN1.0.2 standard protocol. HAC-MLWA meter-end module and Gateway build a star network, which is convenient for network maintenance, high reliability and strong expansibility.

  • NB-IoT Non-magnetic Inductive Metering Module

    NB-IoT Non-magnetic Inductive Metering Module

    HAC-NBA not-magnetic inductive metering module is a PCBA developed by our company based on the NB-IoT technology of the Internet of Things, which matches the structure design of the Ningshui dry three-inductance water meter. It combines NBh’s solution and non-magnetic inductance, it is an overall solution for meter reading applications. The solution consists of a meter reading management platform, a near-end maintenance handset RHU and a terminal communication module. The functions cover acquisition and measurement, two-way NB communication, alarm reporting and near-end maintenance etc, fully satisfying the needs of water companies, gas companies and power grid companies for wireless meter reading applications.

  • LoRaWAN Non-magnetic Coil Metering Module

    LoRaWAN Non-magnetic Coil Metering Module

    HAC-MLWS is a radio frequency module based on LoRa modulation technology that complies with the standard LoRaWAN protocol, and is a new generation of wireless communication products developed in combination with practical application needs. It integrates two parts in one PCB board, i.e. non-magnetic coil metering module and LoRaWAN module.

    The non-magnetic coil metering module adopts HAC’s new non-magnetic solution to realize the rotation counting of pointers with partially metallized discs. It has excellent anti-interference characteristics and completely solves the problem that traditional metering sensors are easily interfered by magnets. It is widely used in smart water meters and gas meters and intelligent transformation of traditional mechanical meters. It is not disturbed by the static magnetic field generated by strong magnets and can avoid the influence of Diehl patents.