NB-IoT/LTE Cat1 Wireless Meter Reading Solution

I. System Overview

The HAC-NBh (NB-IoT) meter reading system is an overall solution based on the low-power wide area network technology of the Internet of Things for low-power smart remote meter reading applications. The solution consists of a meter reading management platform, a near-end maintenance handheld RHU and a terminal communication module. The system functions cover acquisition and measurement, two-way communication, meter reading control valve and near-end maintenance etc to meet the needs of remote meter reading applications.

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II. System Components

HAC-NBh (NB-IoT) wireless remote meter reading system includes: wireless meter reading module HAC-NBh, handheld terminal HAC-RHU-NB, iHAC-NB meter reading charging system (WEB server).

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● The HAC-NBh low-power wireless meter reading module: Sends data once a day, supports infrared reporting or magnetic trigger reporting (optional), and integrates acquisition, metering and valve control in one module.

● HAC-RHU-NB handheld terminal: On-site NB signal monitoring, near-end maintenance for terminal equipment, parameter setting.

● The iHAC-NB meter reading charging platform: Can be deployed on the cloud platform, the platform has powerful functions, and big data can be used for leakage analysis.

III. System Topology Diagram

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IV. System Features

● Ultra-low power consumption: The capacity-type ER26500 battery can reach 8 years.

● Easy access: No need to rebuild the network, it can be directly used for commercial use with the operator's existing network;

● Large capacity: Store 10-year annual frozen data, 12-month monthly frozen data, and 180-day daily frozen data.

● Two-way communication: Two-way remote transmission and reading, it can also realize remote setting and query parameters, control valves etc.

● Near-end maintenance: Near-end maintenance can be achieved through infrared tools, including special functions such as firmware upgrade.

Ⅴ. Application Scenario

Wireless meter reading of water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, and heat meters.

Low on-site construction volume, low cost and low overall implementation cost.

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Post time: Jul-27-2022