• NB/Bluetooth Dual-mode Meter Reading Module

    NB/Bluetooth Dual-mode Meter Reading Module

    HAC-NBt meter reading system is the overall solution of low power intelligent remote meter reading application developed by Shenzhen HAC Telecom Technology Co., LTD  based on NB-IoT technology and Bluetooth technology. The solution consists of a meter reading management platform, a mobile phone APP and a terminal communication module. The system functions cover acquisition and measurement, two-way NB communication and Bluetooth communication, meter reading control valve and near-end maintenance etc to meet various requirements of water supply companies, gas companies and power grid companies for wireless meter reading applications.

  • LoRaWAN Dual-mode Meter Reading Module

    LoRaWAN Dual-mode Meter Reading Module

    The HAC-MLLW LoRaWAN dual-mode wireless meter reading module is developed based on the LoRaWAN Alliance standard protocol, with a star network topology. The gateway is connected to the data management platform through a standard IP link, and the terminal device communicates with one or more fixed gateways through the LoRaWAN Class A standard protocol.

    The system integrates LoRaWAN fixed wireless wide area network meter reading and LoRa Walk-by wireless handheld supplementary reading. The handhelds can be used for wireless remote supplementary reading, parameter setting, real-time valve control, single-point reading and broadcast meter reading for the meters in the signal blind area. The system is designed with low power consumption and long distance of supplementary reading. The meter terminal supports various measurement methods such as non-magnetic inductance, non-magnetic coil, ultrasonic measurement, Hall sensor, magnetoresistance and reed switch.

  • HAC-ML LoRa Low Power Consumption wireless AMR system

    HAC-ML LoRa Low Power Consumption wireless AMR system

    HAC-ML LoRa Low Power Consumption wireless AMR system (hereafter called HAC-ML system) combines data collection, metering, two-way communication, meter reading and valve control as one system. The features of HAC-ML are shown as follow: Long Range Transmission, Low Power Consumption, Small Size, High Reliability, Easy Expansion, Simple Maintenance and High Successful rate for meter reading.

    HAC-ML system includes three necessary parts, i.e. Wireless collecting module HAC-ML, Concentrator HAC-GW-L and Server iHAC-ML WEB. Users also can select the Handheld terminal or Repeater according to their project requirements.

  • NB-IoT wireless transparent transmission module

    NB-IoT wireless transparent transmission module

    HAC-NBi module is an industrial radio frequency wireless product independently developed by Shenzhen HAC Telecom Technology Co., LTD. The module adopts the MODULATION and demodulation design of NB-iot module, which perfectly solves the problem of decentralized ultra-long distance communication in complex environment with small data volume.

    Compared with the traditional modulation technology, THE HAC-NBI module also has obvious advantages in the performance of suppressing the same frequency interference, which solves the disadvantages of the traditional design scheme that cannot take into account the distance, disturbance rejection, high power consumption and the need for a central gateway.  In addition, the chip integrates an adjustable power amplifier of +23dBm, which can obtain a receiving sensitivity of -129dbm. The link budget has reached the industry-leading level. This scheme is the only choice for long-distance transmission applications with high reliability requirements.

  • LoRaWAN Wireless meter reading module

    LoRaWAN Wireless meter reading module

    HAC-MLW module is a new generation wireless communication product that conforms to the standard LoRaWAN1.0.2 protocol for meter reading projects. The module integrates data acquisition and wireless data transmission functions, with the following features like ultra-low power consumption, low latency, anti-interference, high reliability, simple OTAA access operation, high security with multiple data encryption, easy installation, small size and long transmission distance etc.

  • NB-IoT wireless meter reading module

    NB-IoT wireless meter reading module

    HAC-NBh is used for wireless data acquisition, metering and transmission of water meters, gas meters and heat meters. Suitable for reed switch, Hall sensor, non magnetic, photoelectric and other base meter. It has the characteristics of long communication distance, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability and stable data transmission.