LoRaWAN Dual-mode Meter Reading Module

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The HAC-MLLW LoRaWAN dual-mode wireless meter reading module is developed based on the LoRaWAN Alliance standard protocol, with a star network topology. The gateway is connected to the data management platform through a standard IP link, and the terminal device communicates with one or more fixed gateways through the LoRaWAN Class A standard protocol.

The system integrates LoRaWAN fixed wireless wide area network meter reading and LoRa Walk-by wireless handheld supplementary reading. The handhelds can be used for wireless remote supplementary reading, parameter setting, real-time valve control, single-point reading and broadcast meter reading for the meters in the signal blind area. The system is designed with low power consumption and long distance of supplementary reading. The meter terminal supports various measurement methods such as non-magnetic inductance, non-magnetic coil, ultrasonic measurement, Hall sensor, magnetoresistance and reed switch.

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System Components

HAC-MLLW (LoRaWAN dual-mode meter reading module), HAC-GW-LW (LoRaWAN gateway), HAC-RHU-LW (LoRaWAN handhels) and data management platform.

System Features

1. Ultra long distance communication

  • LoRa modulation mode, long communication distance.
  • Visual communication distance between Gateway and Meter: 1km-5km in urban environment, 5-15km in rural environment.
  •  The communication rate between the gateway and the meter is adaptive, realizing the longest distance communication at a low rate.
  • The handhelds has a long supplementary reading distance, and batch meter reading can be carried out by broadcasting within a range of 4km.

2. Ultra-low power consumption, long service life

  • The average power consumption of the dual-mode meter-end module is less than or equal to 20µA, without adding additional hardware circuits and costs.
  • The meter module reports data every 24 hours, powered with an ER18505 battery or equal capacity can used for 10 years.

3. Anti-interference, high reliability

  •  Multi-frequency and multi-rate automatic switching to avoid co-channel interference and improve transmission reliability.
  • Adopt the patented technology of TDMA communication to automatically synchronize the communication time unit to avoid data collision.
  • OTAA air activation is adopted, and the encryption key is automatically generated when entering the network.
  •  The data is encrypted with multiple keys for high security.

4. Large management capacity

  • One LoRaWAN gateway can support up to 10,000 meters.
  •  It can save 10-year annual frozen and monthly frozen data for the last 128 months. The cloud platform can query historical data.
  • Adopt the adaptive algorithm of transmission rate and transmission distance to effectively improve the system capacity.
  •  Easy system expansion: compatible with water meters, gas meters and heat meters, easy to increase or decrease, gateway resources can be shared.
  • Compliant with the LORAWAN1.0.2 protocol, the expansion is simple, and the capacity can be increased by adding a gateway.

5. Easy to install and use, high success rate of meter reading

  • The module adopts OTAA network access method, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  •  Gateway with multi-channel design can simultaneously receive data of multi-frequency and multi-rate.
  • The meter-end module and the gateway are connected in a star network, which is a simple structure, convenient connection and relatively easy management and maintenance.

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