LoRaWAN outdoor Gateway

Short Description:

WW-XU is designed to be a fully compliant LoRaWAN gateway, with WiFi and ethernet as the backhaul 4G Optional. It includes one or two LoRa concentrator, which provides up to 16 programmable parallel demodulation paths. This gateway is perfectly designed for indoor public network extension or for ad-hoc indoor private coverage, like manufacturing, logistics or industrial sites requiring continuous connectivity for their IoT applications

Product Detail

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● LoRaWAN™ network compliant

● Channels: Up to 16 concurrent channels

● Supports ethernet and WIFI, 4G (Optional)backhaul

● Based on OpenWrt system

● Compact size:126*148*49 mm ±0.3mm

● Simple to mount and install

● EU868, US915, AS923,AU915Mhz, IN865MHz and CN470 versions available.

● Wireless (1)

Ordering information

No. Item Description
1 GWW-IU 902-928MHz,Suitable for USA ,Australia, Asia ,Korea, Japan etc..
2 GWW-FU 863~870MHz,for Europe
3 GWW-EU 470-510MHz, for China
4 GWW-GU 865-867MHz,for India


Hardware: Communication:

– CPU: MT7688AN − 10/100M Ethernet*1,

– Core: MIPS24KEc − 150M WIFI rate,support 802.11b/g/n

– Frequency:580MHz − LED indicator

– RAM: DDR2, 128M − Secure VPN, No external IP address required

– FLASH: SPI Flash 32M − LoRaWAN™ compliant (433~510MHz or 863~928MHz , Opt)

Power supply: − LoRa™ Sensitivity -142.5dBm, up to 16 LoRa™ demodulators

– DC5V/2A − More than 10km in LoS and1~ 3km in dense environment

– Average power consumption: 5W GENERAL INFORMATION:  Enclosure: − Dimensions: 126*148*49 mm

– Alloy − Operation temperature: -40 oC~+80 oC

Install: − Storage temperature: -40 oC~+80 oC

–  Strand mount/wall mount − Weight:0.875KG

4.Buttons and Interfaces

No. Button/interface Description
1 Power button With red led indicator
2 Reset button Long press 5S to reset the device
3 SIM card slot Insert 4G SIM card
4 DC IN 5V Power supply : 5V/2A,DC2.1
5 WAN/LAN port Backhaul through Ethernet
6 LoRa antenna connector Connect LoRa antenna, SMA type
7 WiFi antenna connector Connect 2.4G WIFI antenna , SMA type
8 4Gantenna connector Connect 4G antenna , SMA type

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