R160 Dry Type Multi-jet Non-magnetic Inductance Water Meter

Short Description:

R160 dry type multi-jet non-magnetic inductance wireless remote water meter, built-in NB-IoT or LoRa or LoRaWAN module, can carry out ultra-long-distance communication in complex environments, comply with the LoRaWAN1.0.2 standard protocol formulated by the LoRa alliance. It can realize non-magnetic inductance acquisition and remote wireless meter reading functions, electromechanical separation, replaceable water meter battery, low power consumption, long life, and simple installation.

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Ideal for residential use, often used for public utilities

For hot and cold water, mechanical drive

Comply with ISO4064 standard

Certified for using with drinking water

IP68 Waterproof grade

MID certificate

Electromechanical separation, replaceable battery

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Technical Specs

Item Parameter
Accuracy Class Class 2
Nominal Diameter DN15~DN20
Valve No valve
PN Value 1L/P
Metering mode Non-magnetic inductance metering
Dynamic Range ≥R250
Maximum Working Pressure 1.6MPa
Working Environment -25°C~+55°C
Rating of Temp. T30
Data Communication NB-IoT, LoRa and LoRaWAN
Power Supply Battery powered, one battery can work continuously over 10 years
Alarm Report Support real-time alarm of data abnormality
Protection Class IP68
Solutions NB-IoT LoRa LoRaWAN
Transmitting current ≤250mA ≤130mA ≤120mA(22dbm)≤110mA(17dbm)
Transmitting power 23dBm 17dBm/50mW 17dBm/50mW
Average power consumption ≤20µA ≤24µA ≤20µA
Frequency band NB-IoT band 433MHz/868MHz/915MHz LoRaWAN frequency band
Handheld device Support Support Do not support
Coverage(LOS) ≥20Km ≥10Km ≥10Km
Setting mode Infrared setting and upgrade FSK setting FSK setting or Infrared setting and upgrade
Real-time performance Not real-time Real-time control meter Not real-time
Data downlink delay 24h 12s 24h
Battery life ER26500 battery life: 8 years ER18505 battery life: about 13 years ER18505 battery life: about 11 years
Base Station Using the base stations of NB-IoT operator, one base station can used with 50,000 meters. One concentrator can manage 5000pcs water meters, no repeater. One LoRaWAN gateway can cconnect with 5000pcs water meters, the gateway supports WIFI, Ethernet and 4G.

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