Pulse reader for Itron water and gas meter

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The pulse reader HAC-WRW-I is used for remote wireless meter reading, compatible with Itron water and gas meters. It is a low-power product integrating non-magnetic measurement acquisition and wireless communication transmission. The product is resistant to magnetic interference, support wireless remote transmission solutions such as NB-IoT or LoRaWAN

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LoRaWAN Features

The working frequency band supported by LoRaWAN: EU433, CN470, EU868, US915, AS923, AU915, IN865, KR920

Max Power: Comply with the standards

Coverage: >10km

Working voltage: +3.2~3.8V

Working temperature:  -20℃~+55℃

ER18505 battery life: >8 years

IP68 waterproof grade

itron pulse reader for gas meter

LoRaWAN Functions

itron pulse reader

Data report: There are two data reporting methods.

Touch trigger to report data: You must touch the touch button twice, long touch (more than 2s) + short touch (less than 2s), and the two actions must be completed within 5 seconds, otherwise the trigger will be invalid.
Timing and active reporting: The timing report period and timing report time can be set. The value range of the timing report period is 600~86400s, and the value range of the timing report time is 0~23H.The default value of the regular reporting period is 28800s, and the default value of the scheduled reporting time is 6H.

Metering: Support non-magnetic metering mode.

Power-down storage: Support power-down storage, no need to re-initialize parameters after power down. 

Disassembly alarm: When the forward rotation measurement is greater than 10 pulses, the anti-disassembly alarm function will be turned on. When the device is disassembled, the disassembly mark and the historical disassembly mark will display faults at the same time. After the device is installed, the forward rotation measurement is greater than 10 pulses, and the communication with the non-magnetic module is normal and the disassembly fault will be cleared.

Monthly and yearly frozen data storage: Save 10 years of annual frozen data and monthly frozen data of the last 128 months after the metering module timing, and the cloud platform can query the saving data.

Parameters setting: Support wireless nearby and remote parameter settings. The remote parameter setting can be done by using the cloud platform, and the nearby parameter setting is done by using the production test tool, there are two ways, one is using wireless communication, and the other one is using infrared communication.

Firmware upgrade: Support infrared communication to upgrade firmware

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