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Sensor network and the Internet of things

Sensor network is defined as a random distribution of the integration of sensors, data processing unit and communication unit of the tiny nodes, by way of self-organization constitutes a wireless network.
Sensor network function
With the aid of the sensor embedded in the nodes surrounding environment in the hot, infrared, sonar, radar, and seismic wave signals, thus detection, including temperature, humidity, noise, light intensity, pressure, soil composition, size, rf module speed and direction of a moving object such as physical phenomenon.
Computer network technology, represented by the Internet is a great achievement of computer science in the 20th century, it has brought profound changes to our lives, in, however, more powerful network, network world rich again, also, it is it and we live in a real world or apart, in the network world, it is hard to perceive the real world, a lot of things is not possible, call the new network technology.Sensor network is in this context came into being a new network technology, it combines sensor technology, low power consumption, communications and computer power, and so on, can see, in the near future, sensor networks will bring revolutionary change to our way of life.

Sensor network and the Internet of things
Through cognitive recognition technology, item "speak, release information", is the fusion of the physical world and information an important part of the world, is the most unique of things different from other networks.The Internet of things "tentacles" is a lot of information on level perception recognition generating equipment, including RFID, sensor network, positioning system, rf module,etc.In the book "an introduction to the Internet of things", the author think the data of perception by the sensor network is the Internet of things one of the important sources of huge amounts of information.

Since August 2009, when prime minister wen jiabao put forward since the "experience China" Internet of things was officially listed as one of the five emerging strategic industries, write "government work report," the Internet of things in China, great attention by the whole society, is the degree of concern in the United States, the European Union and other countries incomparable.
There are a lot of people the meaning of the sensor network to expand to include the Internet of things, that argument makes sense, premier wen jiabao "experience China" speech begins with the attention to sensor network, but so far, people tend to use the word Internet of things [see illustration on the right baidu index), the scope of the Internet of things is greater than the sensor network, and so on many occasions in the "Internet of things" (sensor network) formulation, and it seems to be the "official" idea.
The use of the Internet of things and M2M frequency higher than sensing net, Google trends of English figure also shows the same result.This is probably the Internet of things, not the sensor network are included in the government work report.