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The most popular function of smart home many IP landing-answer

Elegant turn: IP dominated traditional way to tide

China's intercom market truly experiencing network to digital network, bus from the traditional to the change of TCP/IP, the TCP/IP intercom products have been show mature, and put on the market, digital and digital intercom products entered the substantive application from the earliest simulation non-visual to talk about the development of visual intercom system, realized the communication between visitors and host and lock, security management, a series of functions such as alarm networking, brought real experience to the masses of users.With the development of network technology, in 2004 the TCP/IP protocol and digital audio and video transmission of video intercom system rf module.Based on network data transmission in the form of a visible interphone appeared, which caused the larger reaction, a stroke out simulated visible interphone.With the current development trend of intelligent security, the influence of visual talk-back system will also be necessary to go the way of network, digital, Gao Qinghua, can meet the requirements of users is higher.Digital video intercom system has the following five major advantages:

Wiring is simple: relative to the bus transmission of analog video intercom, digital visual system is much convenient in wiring and installation and debugging.Intercom system architecture are mainly the fence machine, door machine, indoor extension and management center machine, such as using simulated or modulus of mixed system, the system architecture is not only increase the cost, also makes the installation will be too complicated.Then ember will be this year we have can see system architecture becomes easier, as long as the door machine and indoor extension access IP network, and the background management directly using a general-purpose computer + management center software.Digital visual system greatly simplifies the wiring project, make the residence intercom system installation and debugging are simple, construction period would be shortened.

Networking powerful: when all digital signal, it is easy to meet the needs of networking.Indoor machine of digital video intercom system is like a small special computer, powerful data processing ability and become more powerful networking functions are realized.

Expansion is good: IP networking has strong dilated and extensibility.Can not only realize visible interphone, can also realize multimedia messaging, radio, security alarm, intelligent household, influence function monitoring, etc.

, low comprehensive cost: single from the point of installation and wiring, using TCP/IP transmission mode, can reduce a lot of investment, and short construction period, save the wire and artificial cost, and very easy to maintain, thus, adopting digital visual intercom system, an advantage on cost.

Now, long transmission distance, community development scale is more and more big, the analog video intercom can use image amplifier, the transmission distance is extended to a few kilometers, but the cost is too high, and audio and video quality is not guaranteed.The current digital video intercom system USES the IP network technology, which can realize low cost remote transmission.

Numberical machine's market prospect: digital video intercom system, also known as IP network video intercom system, fully USES the TCP/IP technology, all of the indoor machine, door machine, machine, management terminal equipment such as fence using TCP/IP technology, combined with the current of the latest digital audio and video compression technology, DSP technology, embedded fingerprint, streaming media and IPV6 network transmission technology to realize.

Digital video intercom system is based on the original bus visible interphone evolution of digital products.Digital video intercom system adopts the latest digital audio compression, DSP, embedded and streaming media network transmission technology, combining with the characteristics of home intelligent gateway system, the use of Ethernet, integrate audio, video, Internet to send alarm, access control, intelligent home appliances control function, and provide value-added services such as SMS, announcement.Core module is based on TCP/IP protocol, the core control and scheduling, audio and video processing and compression, network control and transmission and surrounding equipment control, and other functions.

Product realization analog and mixed IP network

This year, the intercom product digital and networked highlighted has become an inevitable trend, and the current, modulus of hybrid is the best option and technology trends and reasonable economy.Believe, along with the network gradually into the thousands, full TCP/IP intercom system change will follow.

Based on digital and network technology, multifunctional integration on intercom function is becoming more and more mature.For example, visible interphone + home alarm + home appliance control prevention, community service + wireless technology + additional functions, compared with last year, has not normal young nun, and show the maturity of the rare and proven.Visible, digital and networked would lead based on the intercom and develop more functions.Multifunctional integration, namely, based on the intercom is muti_function integration technology trend is the outstanding performance of the this year, almost all of the intercom manufacturers all have made remarkable efforts on multi-function.

Hardware upgrade: the product is more and more "good"

In addition to product shift towards all IP network architecture, hardware intercom products are also rising.First visual intercom product cameras in rising, there have been many manufacturers use the hd camera, this promotion is greatly improving the user experience, make the image more clear, the user can also see more clearly.From the traditional way of buttons also gradually is given priority to with touch screen, the user can conveniently touch, make operation more simple and convenient.

On the appearance of the product design, manufacturer also is under the foot of kung fu.Product appearance is more and more concise and more and more fashionable, popular used acrylic panel to make products more beautiful and stronger wear-resisting, moreover also specially designed different theme style products, such as regards Ann legrand intercom product also specially designed a Chinese wind, the wind, modern different appearance style of the products, such as wind, to meet different consumer aesthetic choice of product appearance.This is, of course, come out from the user's point of view, more and more humanized.As the technology matures, IP intercom delay problem has been solved, IP products with the decrease in price.So "turn analog IP" is imperative.

Perfect fusion: smart home and wisdom help urban development

With the deepening of the wisdom urban construction, in the communication industry, the application of color visible interphone, stepping up the communication product structure to a higher level development, in the past two years, the change is mainly reflected in the coastal developed areas.According to the survey data show that at present the Chinese market, non-visual intercom products still accounted for 50% share, visible interphone accounted for about 50% of the share;In visual intercom products, black and white visual accounted for about 75%, color visual accounted for 25%.

From the aspects of product structure, intercom products from midrange consumption of black and white video intercom is gradually turned to a higher-level color visual intercom products, the use of large screen indoor extension has a rising trend.Non-visual product still has large market, especially the small and medium-sized cities in the mainland and the old re-election project, still has a huge market potential.Compared with previous years, in the first half of 2013 color visual has a large extent improve sales, especially in the pearl river delta region, gradually expand the application.At present, the entire landing-answer market advocates energy conservation, environmental protection, color visual in power savings is superior to all aspects of black and white visual, based on such factors of color visual more high-grade residential area as well as the more developed cities and regions.

On the product appearance design, building intercom products