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NFC technology help improve Pepsi sales

Pepsi NFC pilot after the success of the project, logistics company Rehrig Pacific in Minnesota shopping centers in the United States launched another product promotion project.During this period, participants can use smartphone NFC to obtain from the shopping center, beauty baseball's all-star game, for Pepsi promotion and discount information.

The first quarter of 2014 launched a pilot project is to determine whether consumers will use mobile phone Pepsi coupons and rf module promotion projects.At the same time, Rehrig Pacific also intends to understand the promotion effect of the project.Rehrig Pacific found that the pilot to promote sales of 1% to 2%.Company said that the results are pushing the company's second promotion projects.

The two projects also herald Rehrig Pacific official mobile sales promotion.The company's national sales manager Kaley Parkinson said: "our goal is to be one of the best brand in the world. NFC technology enables companies and consumers have more communication, it also makes are more likely to achieve it."

The pilot was to test the Rehrig Pacific's latest mobile payment solutions, it is formed by pasting in Pepsi plastic tray of NFC tags and qr code technology.At the same time, Rehrig Pacific also on college students' hockey game tickets printed coupons.

Parkinson said Rehrig Pacific often use technology to achieve better management of supply chain.He said: "through the combination of traditional product technology, the influence of the distance to our small. This also let us in to reduce costs and increase the sales."

Over the past 18 months, the company has been committed to the research, development and testing of mobile solutions, make product manufacturers retailers directly to in-store customers with propaganda.PepsiCo test agrees to the plan, they provided 200000 built-in NFC, qr code label plastic tray.

Rehrig Pacific is the only supplier Pepsi bottles plastic tray.In the United States, Pepsi has a total of 4 million such plastic pallet, each pallet can hold eight 2 liter bottle of Pepsi products.Parkinson said, due to the relatively closed supply chain, Pepsi burns, Pepsi bottling plants were selected as the pilot plant.

In addition, Rehrig Pacific regularly upgrade upgrade version of the plastic tray.These plastic tray with a qr code, the medial position attached to passive NFC/RFID tags, and have words "click here" to guide the consumer.In the first quarter of this year, the Minnesota all stores use the tray.

Approached PepsiCo shelves in the supermarket, the consumer can through the qr code on the plastic pallet or NFC tags to connect to the Rehrig Pacific create website, access to product information and a coupon.According to statistics, about 40% of people use NFC technology link.

In addition, if consumers agreed to let Rehrig Pacific software to track mobile position, the software will automatically collect information about the location of the mobile phone, you can better manage the discount information.

As part of the promotion, Pepsi invited each customer leave a E-mail, to accept a subsequent activity information.Parkinson said, the first round of promotion has ended in the first quarter of 2014, but also continue to use the NFC plastic trays.
Promotion, according to the NFC tray use increases the Pepsi products 1% - 2% of sales.At the same time, 48% connection NFC information consumers continue to understand the Pepsi more information through the media.
Parkinson, commented: "we will see NFC technology popularization in retail. The pilot is a significant attempt for us. The shopping center project starts, we will also introduce more promotion project."