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    There is RF IC suppliers, Why does the RF module manufacturers still exist?

    • Modular design make it easier to be embedded, upgraded and changed.
    • Professional skills has been tracking the most advanced technology and RF IC.
    • Specialized design gaining higher performance and integrity, smaller size and more convenient usage.
    • Centralized mass-production assuring better quality.
    • Unified purchasing for much reducing purchasing price to save customer's operating cost and decreasing storage.
    • Professional and fast service before and after purchase to release customer's worry on usage.
    • Our comprehensive development tools and engineering support help customers reduce the prime investment risk, R&D schedules, expenses and uncertainties while access to market.
    • Professional detection equipments and methods effectively ensuring the stability and consistency of product.


    The main characteristic of our products are as follows:

    • The power of our products is from 5mw~5w.And the baud rate is from 1200bps~76.8Kbps The working frequency covers 400M~470MHz and 800Mhz~960MHz. Most of our products mainly can be used in ISM frequency band (free bands for Industrial Security and Medical.
    • GFSK modulation mode and High anti-interference
    • The high-efficiency forward error correction channel encoding technology ensure low BER (Bit error Rate)
    • Longer transmission distance and higher reliability.
    • Transparent data transmission and suit for most user protocols.
    • Any false data generated in the air can be filtrated automatically.
    • User can use Multi channel for different RF solution.
    • TTL level UART / RS-232/ RS-485 .
    • Allow to transmit large data package and frame.
    • Intelligently control receiving/transmitting the data from the interface.
    • Low power consumption and sleeping function.
    • Small size and expediently embedded in user system or other products.
    • Most of our RF Modules include the AVR MCU of ATMEL company in order to realize the super error correcting ability and use expediently.