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    The Current Application Field:

    1.Remote Controller: Wireless control for large mine factory, Container wharf and travelling crane at the construction sites, Remote control for intelligent Robots and aircraft.

    2.Wireless PDA: Back-end wireless data report for Laser barcode identification, Wireless order-dish system, Wireless voting device, Wireless responder.

    3.Home Intelligent Control: Remote controller for household appliances, Wireless remote meter reading system for power meter, water meter, gas meter and heat meter, Remote control for air-condition and hot-water heater.

    4.Building Energy Saving: Intelligent control for air-condition working state and lighting energy-saving of building or plants, Electronic door locks in hotel, Biometric access control system.

    5.Tracking and Positioning: Mine staff attendance and positioning system, Gas detection alarm,Positioning for important assets and person, Logistics supply chain management.

    6.Building Safety: Operation safety monitoring for elevator, Wireless monitoring for fire alarm and anti-theft equipment.

    7.Environment Detection: Tracking and detecting for the temperature and humidity sensitive food, Container temperature and humidity monitoring, Forest fireproofing monitoring,Hydrology and water quality detecting, Hot-air balloon for air quality detecting��Industrial production environment detecting, Natural environment monitoring.

    8.Traffic Safety: Monitoring for railway gravity, axes temperature, roadbed, carriage environment, Highway roadblocks personnel safety, Wireless control for the obstacles lights in airport runway.

    9.Military Training: Automatic target-reading system, Cannon-shot display, Pilotless aircraft.

    10.Electric Power: Pole meter reading, Automatic meter reading in residential area, Switch Cabinet data collection, High line short-circuit and broken alarm, Equipment and environment monitoring for power plant and substation.

    11.Medical Treatment: Wardship and SOS alarm for special person, Portable positioning rescue device for lifeboat and lifejacket.

    12.Energy: Wind power generating equipment, Data monitoring for solar power photoelectric conversion.

    13.Oil Field: Operation security monitoring system for pumping unit, oil pipelines and oil storage sites, Digital pumping system.

    14.Agriculture: Automatic irrigation for cotton field, Temperature and humidity measurement of Agricultural Green House.

    15.Industrial Weighing Apparatus: Wireless crane scales, Wireless remote electronic weighing apparatus.

    16.LED: Data updating for screen display, Energy saving control for LED solar power street light.

    17.Production Line: Automatic detection, fault control, reading number of lack of material or scrap for production line.

    18.Power Supply: Industrial intelligent power supply control, Under voltage alarm for storage battery.

    19.Education: Electron whiteboard, Campus access card, Student answering device.

    20.Natural Disaster Warning: Broadcasting alarm system for tsunami, earthquake or other disasters.

    21.Automotive System: Vehicle four-wheel alignment instruments, Tyre pressure detection, Automatic door lock, Special vehicle identification management, Access control system without stopping, Parking Management System, Ship entering and leaving the management.


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